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SAMIRA KUDSK PR is a leading Danish public relations agency specialising in lifestyle and design.

SAMIRA KUDSK PR was founded in 2010 by Samira Kudsk and has grown into one of Denmark’s leading PR agencies specializing in lifestyle and design.

SAMIRA KUDSK PR delivers well-written, targeted and inspiring press material for all media platforms. Our services include press releases, content marketing, planning of events, contact to influencers, a state of the art image bank and so much more, as you ca see below:

At SAMIRA KUDSK PR, we regularly provide clients with timely strategic PR to build, renew and improve the client’s brand for the public eye. We have far-reaching ambitions and will do all we can to maximize media exposure for our clients – always with desired commercial objectives in mind.
What is equally important when handling a task is to ensure that journalists and stylists realize how, each and every day, we take that extra step to guarantee our clients get the finest visibility possible.

Samira Kudsk

Founder & Communication Specialist
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Charlotte Vrist

Head of Office & Senior Brand Adviser
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Charlotte Ravnholt

Senior Brand Advisor
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Silje Slej Boje

PR & Social Media Manager
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Ida Ussing

PR Assistent
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